Pots using different sherds using SubtlePBR

28 May, 2024

SubtlePBR v18

SubtlePBR v18

Time to get digging with your brush since pots have been added to SubtlePBR! This update brings quite a lot of blocks, albeit in the same family but still a lot of blocks.

Decoration pots lined up using vanilla
Pots using different sherds using SubtlePBR

What's New

Pottery Sherds

The star of this update, the Pottery Sherds! The pots have a super-fancy pattern on it, and the different decorative sherds have been kept true to vanilla but with a subtle touch that gives it some life. Minecraft was not messing around when it came to the sherds since there were 20 of them! But here they are nonetheless.

Stripped Logs

They're finally here after ages, now your beautiful taiga vacation base looks in place! There are still two more stripped log textures to come (Warped and Crimson Stem).


I've started work on signs. It was supposed to be part of this month's release but unfortunately I did not get the time to refine the Substance 3D graph to produce more. Anyways here is the acacia sign.

Final Words

For the next update, signs are going to be definitively implemented, and as well as the missing stripped logs. I will also be starting work on the new copper related items and tuff related items. In the SubtlePBR v17 post, I've shown a WIP texture for GUI, this will be further developed and an update would be given on its status in the conclusion of the next SubtlePBR post. Amulet will be sharing the same GUI.
And speaking of
Amulet, I think I will be taking a break from developing it or possibly sunsetting it sometime in the near future. My mental state is not quite right as of now, and developing Amulet is taking quite a stroll. Don't worry it won't be going now and there would be an update next month (June) or the month after that (July).

Have a great day, cheers!


  • Angler Pottery Pattern
  • Archer Pottery Pattern
  • Arms Up Pottery Pattern
  • Blade Pottery Pattern
  • Brewer Pottery Pattern
  • Burn Pottery Pattern
  • Danger Pottery Pattern
  • Explorer Pottery Pattern
  • Friend Pottery Pattern
  • Heart Pottery Pattern
  • Heartbreak Pottery Pattern
  • Howl Pottery Pattern
  • Miner Pottery Pattern
  • Mourner Pottery Pattern
  • Plenty Pottery Pattern
  • Prize Pottery Pattern
  • Sheaf Pottery Pattern
  • Shelter Pottery Pattern
  • Skull Pottery Pattern
  • Snort Pottery Pattern
  • Stripped Acacia Log Top
  • Stripped Birch Log
  • Stripped Birch Log Top
  • Stripped Dark Oak Log
  • Stripped Dark Oak Log Top
  • Stripped Jungle Log
  • Stripped Jungle Log Top
  • Stripped Mangrove Log
  • Stripped Mangrove Log Top
  • Stripped Spruce Log
  • Stripped Spruce Log Top
  • Stripped Cherry Log
  • Stripped Oak Log
  • Stripped Oak Log Top