There are four different resolutions to choose from Amulet. So depending on your hardware, you can go with either 256x/128x/64x/32x. At the current moment, 256x runs smoothly on modern hardware.

 Stylized Look

Amulet uses procedurally generated textures to change the look of the game to be more stylized and have a fantasy look towards it. It also uses CTM features and custom models to further make it immersive.


Every Amulet texture is enhanced with PBR/POM, bringing a new level of detail to your Minecraft world. The PBR provides material details to the shader, like how the light should interact with the texture, smoothness, reflectivness, SSS and more!


  •  Bimonthly Updates
  •  32x Resolution
  •  Limited Blocks
  •  Reduced Support

Amulet 32x

  •  Frequent Updates
  •  32x Resolution
  •  150+ Blocks
  •  Priority Support
  •  Latest version of SubtlePBR


  •  128x & 256x Resolution
  •  Early access to SubtlePBR 
  •  Priority Support
  •  Everything listed in Amulet 32x