New blocks lined up

11 May, 2024

Amulet v15

Amulet v15

You must be the only fungi when playing singleplayer. Now Amulet joins the fun with new mushroom biome related textures. Let's start with the updates before this place gets moldy.

Colleciton of new blocks using vanilla
New blocks lined up

What's new


The block that spreads everywhere! Finally the peaceful biome looks complete with the newly added mycelium blocks.

Cave Vines

Finally some light in the caves! (Ignore the moss block in the background, this was a while ago)

The Shrooms

They look really good with caps.

What's changed


The previous moss texture was not exactly growing on me. This new texture feels much better.

Old moss
New moss

That is all the ex-sporing for this update. Till next time! And Patreons can directly downloaded from the website.
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  • Mycelium Top
  • Mycelium Side
  • Mushroom Stem
  • Brown Mushroom Block
  • Red Mushroom Block
  • Mushroom Block Inside
  • Cave Vines Plant
  • Cave Vines Plant Lit
  • Cave Vines
  • Cave Vines Lit
  • Moss Block