1. Before Proceeding

    1. Make sure you have installed my resourcepacks before proceeding with the instructions. You can find the latest downloads in Updates page.

    2. (You can also use this Installation guide for any other resourcepack installation too!)

    3. If you've already done some of the steps listed below, feel free to skip them.

    4. Have fun proceeding after you've done that!

  2. Installing Java

    1. Go to java.com and click on then again on the next page.

    2. Run the downloaded jre-<version>.exe file.

    3. Follow the steps and complete the installation.

  3. Installing Optifine

    1. Go to https://optifine.net/downloads.php and choose your desired version (preferably the latest), and download it.

    2. Run the downloaded OptiFine_.jar file.

    3. Click on Install, and you're done.

    4. If you have trouble installing, watch this video.

  4. Installing Iris

    1. Go to https://fabricmc.net/use and download the Universal Jar.

    2. Run the downloaded fabric-installer-<version>.jar file.

    3. Select your minecraft version, click on Install, and you're done.

    4. Now download Fabric API, Sodium and Iris.

    5. Navigate to your mods folder (usually in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods), and move the downloaded mods there.

    6. You've installed Iris now.

    7. If you have trouble installing, watch this video.

  5. Ram Allocation (Optional)

    1. Open the Minecraft launcher and head to Intallations.

    2. Hover over the OptiFine/Fabric installation and click on the 3 dots, and then edit.

    3. Click on MORE OPTIONS and then under JVM ARGUMENTS replace -Xmx2G with -Xmx4G.
      Never allocate more than half your system's ram, and no more than 6gb max.

  6. Shader Installation

    1. We recommend you to use labPBR compliant shaders, you can find them here: https://wiki.shaderlabs.org/wiki/labPBR_Supported_Packs.

    2. Download your desired shader, the download links will be under the links tab.

    3. Launch minecraft with the OptiFine installation.

    4. Navigate to: Options > Video Settings > Shaders

    5. Click on Open Shaders Folder to open the shaderpacks folder, then drag and drop the downloaded <shader-name>.zip file into the shaderpacks folder.

    6. Go back ingame, and select the shader.

  7. Resource Pack Installation

    1. After you've downloaded our packs.

    2. Navigate to: Options > Resource Pack

    3. Click on Open Pack Folder to open the resourcepacks folder, then drag and drop the downloaded <pack-name-version>.zip file into the resourcepacks folder.

    4. Go back ingame, and select the resource pack.

  8. Shader Settings

    Preview how the shaders will look like with the packs. Head over to Shader Settings page.